Best English Attitude Shayari

Best English Attitude Shayari

Had we read comfortably, we would have understood
Certain pages must have been turned over without reading.

I have lived on the same principle,
Whoever believes in himself, never tests him.

As every question is not answered,
Not everyone is a Nawab like us.

I want to reach the height too,
But don’t go through the wrong path too soon.

We are going where our heart is like,
Stay seated you took your steps.

Faqeer Mizaaz Hoon …

Best English Attitude Shayari

Fakir mood, I guess
I keep away from others,
People go to mosques,
I keep God in my heart.

We do not live the life of senselessness,
We do not drink by snatching the jam from others,
If they are proud then come and express it,
We don’t follow anyone.

Every single flight of life is left,
There is a test at every turn,
Now only you are worried with me,
The whole of India is still left.

Live nearby,
But not together,
Some people are jealous of me,
There are no bushes.

Qayamat Ka Har Toofaan …

Best English Attitude Shayari

When I stand with myself,
Then I am greater than every storm of doom.

Only when you talk to us, you will understand your position
If you ignore from a distance, then how will you be able to understand the situation?

Tell beauty
If you do not like me, do you know about it too?

How hard you take care of life,
There will be some deficiency, my bin.

Wo Attitudai Hi Kya …


Best English Attitude Shayari

What is that attitude
That breaks down over time,
If someone gives heart to someone,
So make it like a thunderstorm
Do not blow dry leaves.

That was not worth our friends, otherwise,
What is the status of love that turns us down?

This lion is teased, someone has so much status,
Jackals also surround a lion in the desert.

Attitude Shayari for Whatsapp…

People who have forgotten the hunger have forgotten us,
Her husband used to kiss Kadam when he was infamous.

You will yearn for a drop of love,
I am a vagabond, will go somewhere else.

Nobody will be able to give you love like us,
After you, you will say like you like him.

Best English Attitude Shayari

Attitude Shayari in Friendship…

People say don’t be so friendly,
Let’s be friends
I say friendship so much,
Let the enemy love you too.

Hindi Attitude Shayari…

Happy steps to them,
Who have to go to the roof,
My destination is sky,
I have to make the path myself.

My stuttering you
Let it be me
What I sensed,
Then you will faint.

Tu mere saath nahi…

You don’t walk with me no problem, but
This man does not shed tears for you like this.

Attitude Shayari for Girlfriend…

If you give from the heart, then hate is also accepted
Even your love is not acceptable in the bailout.

High Attitude Shayari for Boyes…

Best English Attitude Shayari

People understand us less and explain more,
So the cases are less solved and more complicated.

I am not happy with this.
Our inclination is not to bow our head.

One will also see us once a day
Just leave this bad habit of goodness.

Listen … do not doubt my love,
If you come on proof, you will be infamous.

Koi Gurur Se Dekhe…

We give life for our worthy eyes, but
We do not approve of any gurur

Our love made you famous, you infidel
Otherwise you remain in the headlines, not so much.

Best Attitude Shayari Hindi…

If you want to love, then also learn to bear the pain,
Otherwise, learn to do this.

Stay within your limits… a time,
Remember, I will change my company as well.

Do not make any opinion about me, Ghalib
My opinion will also change your opinion too …!

You will not be able to uproot me by enmity with me,
If you want to ruin me, love me.

Hindi Aukaat Shayari…

Build relationships with those who have the right to fulfill,
Not every other heart is capable.


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