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love story lyrics
Love story lyrics
Every morning sun reminds me something, every smelling fragrance awakens me, no matter how busy I am, I miss my loved ones in the morning. Good day to you all.

Somebody has told the truth that there is darkness under every burning lamp, and after every night there is a beautiful dawn, why are people scared to see trouble, but behind every trouble there is a beautiful truth.

♥Mot Aai Hai

Miss you deeply
The day we forget you
Understand our dead.

Dil Ke Samundar Mai Ek Gehrai Hai.
Usi Gehrai Se Tumhari Yaad Ai Hai.
Jis Din Ham Bhul Jay Apko.
Samjh Lena Hmari Mot Aai Hai.

Romantic Shayari On Love

Do not settle anyone in flowers
Flowers are only in bags
Because the heart is only in its bag

Kisi Ko Fulo Mai Na Basao
Fool Mai Sirf Apne Bastey Hai.
Agar Basna Hai To Dil Mai Basao.
Kyuki Dil Mai Sirf Apne Bastey Hai.

Hindi Romantic Shayari

Don’t look at that look
Who refuse to see you
Look at that glance in the world
Who is waiting for you

Un Nazar Ki Taraf Mat Dekho.
Jo Tumhe Dekhne Se Inkaar Karti Hai.
Jo Apka Intezar Karti Hai.

Unka Intezar

Love their memories
Lakhs births are destined for them
If he meets you on the way
So tell them we still wait for them.
Unki Yaado Ko Pyar Karte Hai.
Laakho Janam Un Par Nisaar Kartey Hai.
Magar Rah Mai Mile Wo Apse.

Tum Mere Ho Love Shayari

Koi Ghazal Suna Kar Kya Karna,
Yun Baat Badakar Kya Karna,
Tum Mere The… Tum Mere Ho,
Duniya Ko Batakar Kya Karna.
Tum Saath Nibhao Chahat Se,
Koi Rasm Nibhakar Kya Karna,
Tum Khafa Hi Achhe Lagte Ho,
Phir Tumko Manakar Kya Karna.

What to do after hearing a ghazal
What to do to increase this,
You were mine … you are mine
Telling the world what to do.
You want to follow along
What to do by performing a ritual
You look good too,
Then what to do by refusing you.

Shayari Pyaar Ka Pahla Ehsaas

Yahi Shayad Pyaar Ka Pahla Ehsaas Hai.
You and I have everything special about me,
This is probably the first feeling of love.


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