Dil Sheeshe Ke Banaye Hote..

Best Heart Touching Shero Shayari

I wish God had made my heart glass,
There would have been injuries in the hands of the breaker.

Love is hatred, someone should explain so much,
Sometimes I fight with my heart, sometimes with my heart.

Best Heart Touching Shero Shayari

Despite me, I feel like a man
This heart also seems to be Masala-e-Kashmir.

God carved you from Sang-e-Marmar,
The rest that left the stone made your heart.

Best Heart Touching Shero Shayari

What kind of disease did you take?
Forgetting his loved ones, he accepted the non as his own.

If you want to get separated, get out of the soul
It is a matter of heart, we will see it.

Dil Ne Bura Maan Liya…

Best Heart Touching Shero Shayari

Your name was today on the tongue of a stranger,
It was a little bit but the heart felt bad.

Those hearts that do not once again crumble,
Take whatever punishment you like, but no one is alive.

People talk about the heart but
Love still begins with the face.

Best Heart Touching Shero Shayari

I am not used to staying for long, but
This heart never ceases since you have received your eyesight.

Then some grief will be ready, my heart,
Some people are behaving very lovingly.

We did not insult anyone,
Whose heart was filled he left us.

Best Heart Touching Shero Shayari

Now your forgotten sorrow comes in the heart,
Just like Sanam comes in a separated kabha.

Increased the extent to which all the elements were broken,
The happy heart that connected hearts,

Aagaaz-e-mohabbat Ka Nateeja Hai,
Jab Dil Mein Chaahat Thee, Ab Dil Kee Tamanna Hai.

Best Heart Touching Shero Shayari

Some days the heart remains its hard bay,
It remains in this condition from morning till evening.

Yes, I want to rip you off my heart
Neither you are me nor you are in me.

That’s good too just listen, friends
If the heart had spoken it would have become doom.

Best Heart Touching Shero Shayari

You tell me how to explain to you,
How can you bring someone close to you,
Like this, every wish is my feeling,
But how to make that feeling felt.

There is no love from Surat,
Love is from the heart,
Surat seems lovely on its own,
Who is in the heart

Heart does not seem without you now,
Started living silently without you
Come back soon now…
Otherwise you will not be able to live without you.

Best Heart Touching Shero Shayari

If love is lost then why are you sitting in the heart
You used to say on everything.

After a few stumbling blocks, I have come to my mind,
I no longer trust the torchbearers.

I cut the pulse of my hand …
Maybe it will come out of the heart through blood.

Best Heart Touching Shero Shayari

After a while, the heart is troubled again today
Who knows what will happen leaving me.

The flower is separated by thorns, not by fragrance,
We are separated from them … but not from the heart.

What has happened to you, my heart,
After all, what is this pain medicine,
We hope for them,
Those who don’t know what the vafa is.

Best Heart Touching Shero Shayari

There is a secret hidden in the heart… show me how
It is done to tell you how,
The world says don’t write names on the heart,
How to erase the name that is in the heart.

Destroyed myself like this,
What a beautiful crime I have done,
We were happy when we were not in love,
Made a heartless deal unnecessarily.

Who knows to write poetry
Shayari becomes itself by itself,
When the heart is full,
The pen moves by itself.

Best Heart Touching Shero Shayari

There was not a moment of rest in my life,
The heart that was found was of no use,
The buds were blooming, every rose was fresh,
But none of the flowers were in my name.

Remove the thorns of the road from the eyelids,
Will we spread our hearts with flowers?
We will never let this love break,
In return we will erase ourselves.

Dil Mera Bhi…

Best Heart Touching Shero Shayari

My heart was not too beautiful,
But everyone who died died on Surat

Silence …. says a lot,
Listen with heart, not with ear

What is the writing of the heart glass,
Throw what you have to throw away.

Best Heart Touching Shero Shayari

Shining like a star, shining away like a star
The kayak of the heart is swimming in the open sea.

It is better that the world doesn’t feel heartbroken,
But what to do that work does not go away without heart.

Sick-e-Gham’s pasture is something,
Give that pain to the heart to call it the Messiah.

Best Heart Touching Shero Shayari

Demolish the mosque, demolish the mosque,
Do not break your heart, this is God’s place.

Every moment the waves of remembrance rise in the heart,
What changes does this change with pain?


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