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Every Moment Is A Promise To Love You

Every Moment Is A Promise To Love You,
Every Moment Is A Promise To Follow

Do Not Ever Understand This From You,
We Will Forget You, There Is A Promise To Walk With You Throughout Your Life.

We Have Got A Pleasant View Again,
Because In Life You Have Got Together,

Now There Is No Hope In Life,
Because We Now Have The Support Of Your Arms.

No One Loves Love In Life,
No One Loves Love In Life, That Is

Keep That With You,
Because Once Lost Love Is Not Found Again.

Every Moment Is A Promise To Love You

The Wounds Are So Deep What To Express.
What Have We Done With Oroo Himself?

We Died But Our Eyes Remained Open.
Because Our Eyes Are Waiting For Them.

What To Talk About Which Is Not Known.
What Should That Blessing Have No Effect?

Love Is Not A Dream
This Is The Role In Which Not Everyone Is Successful.
He Is Happy On The Fingers Of The Floor.
But Those Who Went Mad Have No Account.

Pain Is Starting To Ache Now.
Pain Has Started Crying On Its Own Side.
Now We Will Not Feel Pain From Pain.
Because The Pain Has Touched Us And Started Sleeping.

Every Moment Is A Promise To Love You

Arzu Lamps Will Keep Burning In The Heart.
Pearls Will Come Out Of His Eyes.
You Become A Light In The Heart.
We Will Melt Like Wax.

Do Not Turn The Path In Front Of The Floor.
Do Not Break The Dream That Is In Your Mind.
Success Will Be Found At Every Step.
Do Not Leave The Ground Just To Touch The Sky.

Who Is Afraid Of Death In Love.
Who Falls In Love
Man, Like You, Have The Whole World Swung In Us.
But Who Dies Like You.

Every Moment Is A Promise To Love You

There Is Laughter On The Face.
There Are Tears In The Eyes.
When You Call Me Your
Comes Down On Himself

Will Get Dreams In Sad Eyes
Sometimes You Will Get Cut And Sometimes You Will Get Roses.
If You Remember Me, You Will Meet Somewhere.

You Will Remain Incomplete Without Us.
Someone Who Wished You Would Ever Say.
We Will Meet Many, But There Will Be No Such Madness As Us.

Every Moment Is A Promise To Love You

Do Not Think That We Will Forget You.
You Do Not Know That You Will Hide In The Heart.
Do Not Look At You From Any Distance In Our Eyes.
That Is Why We Will Keep The Palanquin Bowed.

Strangers Have Met In The Journey Of Life
We Will Not Erase These Memories
If You Want To Remember
So Promise We Will Not Forget You Either.

Who Is Hiding In The Heart As A Pain
Who Is Piercing In It
Heart Is On One Side And Mirror On One Side
Let’s See Who Breaks This Time First.

Every Moment Is A Promise To Love You

Leaves Can Fall But No Trees
The Sun May Fall But Not The Sky
Earth Can Be Happy But Not Ocean
You Can Forget The World But Not Sahil.

Didn’t He Just Keep Looking At Me
With My Life He Kept Playing Like This
Never Landed In The Lake Of My Life
Just Kept Throwing Stones On The Shore.

My Friendship Is With You
You Are The Breath Of These Breaths
Never Call Me Friend
This Friend Lee Zindagani Is With You.

Every Moment Is A Promise To Love You

Losing Is More Fun Than Getting
Sleeping With Closed Eyes Is Something Else
Tears Become Luffs And Words Become Juba
There Is Something Else In This Ghazal To Be Fun Of

The Cage Of Breath Will Break Someday
This Traveler Will Miss Some Way
If You Are Still Alive, Please Talk.
What Time Will God Be Angry With Us?

I Never Get To Know Ruth
Never Go Away I Can’t Get Close
If You Forget Then You Will
We Do Not Even Know To Forget.

Every Moment Is A Promise To Love You

Life Is Incomplete Without You, Yara
Life Is Complete If You Meet
All The Happiness Of Life With You
Laughing With Others Is Strong.

Thousands Of Things Become A Secret
Seven Notes Combine
The Shroud Does Not Get Even When The Lover Dies
And Fresh On The Death Of Hasinao.

My Friend, My Heart’s Desire
You Are My Pride, You Are My Pride
My Relationship Is With You
Life Is My Life To You.

Every Moment Is A Promise To Love You

Mahobat Is Also A Strange Thing
Someone Is Very Happy With Their Love
So Someone Is A Love Person
Believe Ya Love Is A Great Thing

Kept Thinking Every Moment
Kya Said There Was A Shortage In My Love
He Broke My Heart With So Much Courage
Have Not Been Able To Handle Till Date.

We Would Not Have Made A Relationship If We Had Broken
If There Was No Hope, We Would Decorate Dreams
It Is Like Us On Your Love
If There Is No Trust Then You Do Not Move Forward For Love


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